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2 Nugent Street
Monbulk VIC 3793
Opening hours:
Mon - Fri: 8:30am - 6pm
Sat: 8:30am - 12pm
Mon - Fri: 8:30am - 6pm
Sat: 8:30am - 12pm
2 Nugent Street, Monbulk, VIC 3793
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619 Whitehorse Road, Mitcham VIC 3132

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide, with care and compassion, outstanding veterinary medical and surgery
services to all patients and clients. We aim to develop and continue the education of our clients to
ensure the highest standard of animal care and ownership.

Providing the highest standard of veterinary care for you and your pet

The Monbulk Veterinary Clinic has proudly been providing veterinary services since 1999. In 2017,
the clinic underwent major renovations, which now allows the team to provide veterinary services in
a progressive environment.

At the Monbulk Veterinary Clinic, the veterinarians are highly experienced in the treatment of small
animals, in particular dogs and cats. This includes health checks, vaccinations, microchipping,
desexing, surgical procedures, diagnostic imaging, and management of medical conditions.

We pride ourselves in giving every client and patient a personalized experience. We genuinely look
forward to getting to know everyone and servicing both pets and owners to suit their unique needs.

Our Team

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About Dr Emma Thomerson BVSc...

I was very excited to take over ownership of the Monbulk Vet Centre in May 2023, and have since enjoyed re-opening the clinic to offer the local community a wide range of small animal veterinary services. I have particular interest in all aspects of small animal medicine but also enjoy soft tissue surgery and small animal dentistry. As many of you know I do also enjoy seeing rabbits, guinea pigs and chickens!

Since graduating from James Cook University in 2015, I worked the majority of my career as a mixed animal veterinarian in the Yarra Valley. With extensive knowledge and experience with horses, cattle, sheep, goats and alpacas, I look forward to being able to offer services with these species in the future.

I have a very great love for horses and enjoy regularly riding and competing in dressage with the two Friesians; Fopke and Leopold. I have also just started riding my young warmblood, Dakota, whom I am also excited to compete in dressage with in the future.
I also own two dogs who give me so much love! Jessie, a malamute cross border collie has been with me since day one. Her litter was dumped at birth and so I hand reared her since she was just a day old. Even though she had a tough start to life, she is such an amazing and smart dog! I also have a border collie cross kelpie called Lilly. Lilly come to stay with me after I removed one of her kidneys at a young age due to a medical condition. Of course once she come home there was no way she was leaving!

I also have a mini lop rabbit who likes to keep the dogs in line.

If I’m not at work or riding the horses, I absolutely love getting to explore Australia and the world with my partner, Aaron.

About Rachael Simonsen...

I am currently completing 11 nearly 12 years working as a Veterinary Nurse after becoming fully qualified in 2017. I was very proud to be nominated and awarded one of a few Veterinary Nurse of the Year awards by the AVNA in 2022.

There are many things that I love about the Veterinary industry but one of my Favorite parts of the job is that not every day is the same. It is always different and changes day to day with different cases and patients. I love being able to care for all my patients and be there voice and their advocate whilst they have their stay in hospital.

Outside of work I enjoy being outside, boating, fishing and camping and exploring my new home area of Morning Peninsula. I also enjoy weight training at the gym.

My fur family is only small but I hope one day soon that it will grow! I currently have the most beautiful 10-year-old greyhound in the world, named Jaffa. I adopted him when he was just 1 year of age through GAP (Greyhound Adoption Program). I also have a beautiful Doemstic Short Hair cat called Pippa. I have variety of non-fur pets, my fish, and my two favourites would have to be my dwarf Pea Puffers and their names are Pea and Puff.

About Sharon Thomerson...

I have worked as a human nurse for 45 years and felt like it was time to walk a different pathway and when Emma purchased the MOnbulk Vet Centre, thought this would be a great new adventure. You will often hear Emma calling for Mum through the clinic, and that’s me! I have always loved animals and with my nursing background thought this would give me a great base to start with.

I have always had a great passion for all animals and was surrounded with animals growing up. My uncle had horses so I was always busy helping out and was lucky enough to ride the horses too. The vet industry has given me the opportunity to follow my passion and combine my Nursing skills. Coming into close contact with all types of animals since at Monbulk has really opened my eyes to the veterinary world and I have loved every minute. Been part of a team that is able to provide individualized care to each animal is very rewarding.

I share two horses with my daughter, Emma, who I help to care for as I now like to keep my feet on the floor. I have also recently been blessed with a rescue pup called Avon who has really filled my spare time.

About Ally Melville ...

I have always loved animals, basically grew up in a vet clinic as a young child and was always found with some sort of animal in my hands. I recently decided to study again and thought vet nursing would be a great way to combine my love for animals and helping people. The industry is like one big family, I’m loving every single minute. I have previously worked as a warehouse manufacturing manager and I can make a pretty mean coffee!

My hobbies outside of work include showjumping and water sports. I was a competitive swimmer for 10 years and still enjoy getting in the pool or behind a boat for that matter.
You’ll find my with my horses when I’m not working or out competing around the country side.

My fur family consists of my team of competitive horses Eddy, Eden and young horse Kazoo. I also have my retired jumping horse Google. My Pembroke Corgi’s Meg and Poppy, whom are half sisters and the cheekiest dogs! And lastly my cat Bruce; comes running to his name but I’m pretty sure he’s the devil in disguise!