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Quality pet food Paw Print

Best Pet Food For Dogs
Quality pet food

We continually see first-hand the evidence for feeding a premium brand pet food. We are able to help a lot of animals simply by changing their diet, and it is made so easy for us by quality brands such as Royal Canin, Advance, Vet’s All Natural, Hill’s and Eukanuba.

There is a noticeable difference when an animal is fed premium food compared to the brands available in supermarkets. The more obvious changes include improved coat and skin, joints, teeth and gum health and more compact, less smelly stools. Other changes are a lot harder to measure, such as improved heart and kidney health and longevity.

How do these brands achieve such results? They have put years of research into which nutrients best help our animals. One difference is that premium foods guarantee the composition of the foods – the analysis given on the side of the packet is a guarantee (i.e. at least 30% protein), whereas some other supermarket brands vary their ingredients depending on what is available at the time.
The brands we stock also guarantee the flavour: if an animal doesn’t like it we can refund the bag. We very rarely need to do this as most animals do enjoy the taste (or smell!)

Often people are concerned about the cost of premium foods. The reality is that the cost per day isn’t as different as expected, as animals will require smaller quantities of the higher quality brands compared to cheaper supermarket varieties, due to their nutritional value. Good quality promotesbetter health which also helps to keep vet bills lower.

At Monbulk Veterinary Centre we have a loyalty card bonus scheme (Buy 10 bags, get 1 free), for a saving of 10% on ADVANCE and Royal Canin.

Apart from food, we stock a range of pet accessories, toys, shampoos and other associated products. If there is a product we don’t have on the shelf we can order it in for you within 24 hours.

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